Cut & Assemble

Our custom fabric flowers are made using die cutters and moulds. Once the petals are cut we emboss them, often using rare moulds that are over 100 years old. We are able to die cut and mould different petal shapes in the fabric you want to use loosely for sewing. We also assemble entire flowers—we can make anything floral related you want, from petals, leaves, buds, garlands, to clusters and more!  

We are happy to help in any part of your production process, including fully finishing, embellishing and packaging your accessories. The flowers we make could be made in any fabric (from silk to leather) and assembled with hair clips, bar pins, military tacks, push pins, lapel buttons, stick pins, combs, alligator clips, shoe clips, magnets, or elongated stems. We could also add stamens and seeds to the flowers. Flowers that are put together on a stem or wire could be elongated for a vase or other custom design.

We have in house trimming available, so could add Swarovski crystals, grommet or studs to finish your designs. Contact us with any questions!