Fashion Designers

Fashion designers working on one-of-a-kind couture garments, ready-to-wear in women’s and men’s fashion, to shoe designers frequently come to M&S Schmalberg for their fabric flower production needs. At M&S Schmalberg, we use our vintage die cutters and molds to manufacture custom fabric petals for any project that requires artificial flowers. Embellishment designers and production managers can bring their inspiration, swatches, sketches and designs to us to create the perfect fabric flowers.  

Our fashion flowers can be cut from the finest fabrics, including silk. Our goal is to provide fashion designers the best silk flowers available to complete their designs. From creating three-dimensional embellishment flowers, large fabric flowers, cascading flower bunches to accessory pins, we’re able to deliver high-quality wholesale or single unique fabric flowers.

Designers can visit our showroom and manufacturing facility in the Garment District to find the custom flowers that will work for their designs. Contact us with any questions.